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At Tijuana Dental we care about your health as much as you do. That is why we follow the strictest guidelines established for infection control by the Mexican health department and by OSHA.
Every instrument is sterilized with the autoclave and/or chemiclave sterilizer, which kills infectious microorganisms such as bacteria, virus or spores. Any other plastic implement is disinfected and sterilized with a chemical solution.
We use as many disposable implements as possible and they are discarded after one use. Hard surfaces are disinfected with a chemical solution after every patient.
Before your treatment we…
  • Wash & disinfect our hands thoroughly
  • Follow CDC dental infection control guidelines
  • Use chemical & biological monitors to ensure complete sterilization
  • Disinfect or cover working surfaces in the treatment room
  • Clean, package & sterilize all instruments
  • Have policies in place to assure a healthy staff

During your treatment we...
  • Use clean & sterile instruments for you protection
  • Wear protective gloves, masks, eyewear & apparel
  • Use aseptic technique for parenteral medications
  • Handle all sharps appropriately
  • Use disposable supplies

After every patient we…
  • Clean and disinfect the treatment room
  • Transport used instruments for cleaning & sterilization
  • Dispose of biological waste appropriately
  • Remove and dispose of gloves and other disposables
  • Clean and disinfect face shields & eyewear